Video surveillance

The system is based on embedded operating system and adopts high performance decoding board. It is flexible, convenient, reliable and stable.

The computer room environment monitoring host is suitable for the professional monitoring host which is less than 30 square meters。 It distinguishes two kinds of alarm mode hosts: telephone line insertion (DH character type): alarm mode telephone voice alarm, mail alarm insertion mobile card (type GSM character): alarm mode telephone voice alarm, short message alarm, mail alarm。

Mobile clients support Android and iOS systems and can access the unified platform of video surveillance through 3G/4G and WIFI networks.

The management and control platform of the Internet of Things (IOT) forms the management system of "one vehicle, one license plate, one label" by establishing complete intelligent files of electric vehicles.

The personnel management system is built on the basis of video surveillance, stresses the application of information technology in police station interrogation, strengthens the collection of basic information for the personnel involved, and improves the supervision of the interrogation process。

SSU series products are based on IP network storage system, can provide users with high cost-effective, stable and reliable media data storage, specially used in video surveillance industry。 According to different application scenarios, there are multiple product lines to choose from。

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